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4 Tips to Help You Prepare For a Weight-loss Surgery


Undergoing weight-loss surgery is never easy. To deal with a multitude of physiological, mental, and emotional changes that bariatric surgery brings in, a robust weight-loss plan is a must. This requires self-preparation and help from licensed professionals nearby. If you are anywhere near Dallas, an experienced weight-loss specialist in Dallas will help you with these intricacies to prepare for bariatric surgery. But, it is still prudent to make some preparations by oneself. Continue reading as we discuss the top four tips to help you prepare for weight-loss surgery.

Identify food addiction and increase physical activities

Compulsive overeating is a form of addiction to food and is one of the biggest challenges post a weight-loss procedure. It obscures the fundamental objective of any weight-loss surgery – ‘To limit and maintain the BMI’. Carb, fat and sugar-rich meals stimulate brain chemicals such as dopamine and people readily feel the need to eat again after experiencing happiness while eating. High-palatable food-linked reward signals may overshadow other signals of satiety and contentment, resulting in people continuing to consume food without the urge to eat. People who have food addictions like binge eating lose control over their eating behavior and spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about food and overeating, or anticipating the emotional ramifications of compulsive overeating. Managing food addiction is essential as restricted diet post-surgery may cause adjustment issues. It is important to work with a licensed dietician to work through food-addictions, if any.

An emphasis must also be placed on developing an exercise routine. It is a necessity to achieve the desired weight loss results. A combined approach to divert the mind from overeating and increase physical activities must be adopted. For instance:

  • Increase the time to consume the meal to overcome cravings
  • Slowly limit calorie intake to avoid the withdrawal symptoms post-surgery
  • Replace junk food with fruits and vegetables in the right proportions to prevent malnutrition post-surgery

A comprehensive bariatric solution entailing diet regulation and nutrition monitoring is required to keep a check on the patient’s health before and after the surgery cannot be stressed enough. When searching for a weight-loss specialist in Dallas, choose the one that provides a team of healthcare professionals including nutritionists/dieticians and licensed mental health professional counselors.

Set realistic goals

Generally, people who opt for bariatric surgeries have already tried a weight-loss regime in a gym or worked with a dietician without significant improvement in their weight. This often pushes them to self-doubt ultimately leading to unrealistic targets with weight loss surgery. Weight loss is more of a mental struggle than physical. This is why it’s vital to set reasonable post-surgery expectations, one won’t simply wake up instantly slim after undergoing bariatric surgery. Remember that surgery is not a quick fix for weight loss, it is a tool that helps in reducing the BMI by limiting either food intake or nutrition absorption. Despite introducing extensive physiological changes to the GI tract, it is impossible to ensure a quick sure shot weight reduction.

It takes at least six months to observe noticeable weight loss after going through weight-loss surgery. Moreover, in the post-surgical phase, it is crucial to record a patient’s eating patterns, nutritional deficiencies, level of physical exercise, and sleep cycle. When consulting with a weight-loss specialist in Dallas, make sure to monitor the basics and discuss your goals in-depth to adjust your expectations and help them chart the best possible solution for you.

Build a routine to keep yourself hydrated

In medical terms, weight loss refers to a reduction of body fat and mass, It is the mitigation of the concentration of adipose tissue that stores fat globules. However, adipocytes also store up to 10% of body water, which is also lost during a weight loss procedure, leading to possible dehydration. It is one of the most common challenges faced during the postoperative phase impeding the process of nutrient absorption. When it comes to maintaining ideal water intake, one can take steps such as setting alarms or timers at regular intervals as a reminder to drink water or keeping a water bottle handy to avoid procrastination. Weight loss surgeons in Dallas will likely share a weight-loss plan with you stressing various dietary changes such as the water intake in required volumes pre and post surgery.

Stop comparing  yourself with others

One of the top reasons to opt for bariatric surgical solutions (other than obesity-related health issues) is the plummeting self-esteem that stems from comparison with others. There is no denying the fact that in today’s digital world, social media has promoted the acceptance of exaggerated and often fake unrealistic bodies. Every person whether obese or not feels the pressure and suffers from self-doubt, anxieties, and depression over body image. And one thinks that weight loss surgery is the magic for achieving the exact same body as on the internet. As stated earlier, everyone has unique genes and behavioral patterns, and expecting the same results from even a weight loss surgery within the same time frames as others is simply unreasonable. Everyone has their own experiences and difficulties, and everyone overcomes them in their unique way. In a lifelong goal such as weight loss, consistency is the key to achieving the desired results even with the help of surgery.

Final Word

Preparing yourself mentally and physically is essential for weight loss surgeries. It is vital to have experienced medical help along with healthy peer support by your side to navigate you through these life-altering procedures. If you are looking for a weight-loss specialist in Fort Worth Tx, consult the one that provides an in-house team of psychologists, dieticians, and surgeons to provide a comprehensive weight-loss solution.


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