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Portiva Makes Medical

Portiva Makes Medical Visits Easier with Virtual Support

5,121 ViewsPortiva is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers interact with their patients. By introducing virtual medical assistant technology, Portiva makes it easier for patients and doctors to manage medical visits. With virtual support from a trained professional, Portiva helps users…


7 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyelashes

1,204 ViewsLashes play a major role in the protection of your eyes. They help to keep your eyes clean and healthy. Besides this, they fight against dust and debris entering your eyes and protect sensitive eye tissue. Increasing lash growth…

Dealing with Eczema/

CBD for Dealing with Eczema

610 ViewsIn the U.S., the percentage of the population that suffers some kind of eczema stands at 32%. That is many millions of sufferers of this skin condition, which can range from a mild irritation to something requiring medical attention….


Rehabs: Do They Really Work?

559 ViewsThe number of people expressing doubt over the role of rehabs is quite significant. The fact that addiction is a social evil prevents people from diving deeper and get more information. It is only when a loved one get…