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In the U.S., the percentage of the population that suffers some kind of eczema stands at 32%. That is many millions of sufferers of this skin condition, which can range from a mild irritation to something requiring medical attention. The normal route of treatment takes the form of a range of different creams and other identifiable skin products. These typically bring topical relief, helping millions to live with the condition.

Almost as popular as eczema is common however is a relatively new treatment many are turning to – CBD for eczema relief. CBD has come a long way since the old days when it was closely associated with psychoactive THC and recreational marijuana use. Even though it comes from the same plant, CBD is normally not psychoactive, and it has been shown to be immensely helpful with all manner of conditions. Furthermore, it just so happens that CBD can also be used as an effective treatment for eczema.

Yammy CBD, a company specializing in precisely such products – which can range from CBD oils to CBD gummies and from CBD vapes to CBD for cooking – advise that the best way to use such CBD products is to integrate them into your daily life instead of thinking of them as a specific medicine. The fact that CBD is often delivered in a “pleasurable” manner – vaping it, consuming it with food etc. – means that these products are particularly suited for this application.

Where eczema is concerned though, it normally takes the form of some cream or gel for topical application.

Eczema Defined

Any sufferer will know what the manifestation of eczema looks like: red, dry, cracked, and itchy skin. In severe cases, blisters and bleeding may also become an issue. Depending on how bad it is and where on the body it occurs, it can certainly be a deeply unpleasant condition to suffer from. Yet millions do indeed suffer.

Eczema is caused by an overactive immune system. In order to fight disease, your immune system will typically cause inflammation of the affected area. This is well and good when there is disease to be fought, but an overactive immune system may trigger this response even if the threat is not significant, or even non-existent.

Luckily then, CBD has noted anti-inflammatory properties. This is what makes it suitable for those suffering from inflammation-related pain, which can be abdominal, oral, or otherwise internal. When it is the skin that is inflamed, the result can be eczema – CBD can definitely help with that.

CBD for Eczema

Specifically, the CBD products most useful for treating eczema are the topical application gels and creams which contain the substance. The CBD gets into your system through the epidermis in such cases, and therefore the effect is restricted to the area where it is applied. This is useful when you suffer eczema on a specific part of the body.

However, the general anti-inflammatory properties of other CBD products – vapes, gummies, oil – apply to the whole body if they are consumed orally or through the lungs. A general resistance to inflammatory responses can lessen the effects of eczema too, and this is more practical if you suffer from eczema all over the body or in multiple areas.

Accordingly, CBD is particularly well-suited for treating eczema. It can be a cream or gel applied just like any other eczema remedy, or it can become a part of your daily nutrition, helping promote overall resistance to the condition.

Of the many things CBD has become well-known for, its use in treating eczema is one that has the potential to help millions of people.


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