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Check Whether You Have Cancer at a Breast Biopsy Center of Los Angeles


Doctors often resort to a breast biopsy along with other medical tests to determine whether you have cancer or not. Most women start to worry and even panic when they are prescribed a breast biopsy by their doctors. Medical professionals in the field state that just because your doctor has requested you to undergo a breast biopsy, this does not mean that you have cancer. Most of the time, the results of the biopsy show that the woman does not have cancer. It is recommended to you by doctors to make sure that you have cancer or not so that they can proceed to the next line of treatment.

What happens at a breast biopsy center of Los Angeles?

When you visit a breast biopsy center of Los Angeles, the doctor will examine you and extract some tissue from the area where cancer is suspected. Later on, this tissue is examined at a medical laboratory to determine whether it is cancerous in nature or not. Different types of breast biopsy procedures entail an incision that is done in the skin or the use of a hollow needle. Each of these procedures has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to take note of. Your doctor again will explain their procedures and what you should expect from them.

What procedure will you be chosen for?

The doctor will determine the type of breast biopsy you would need based on the following factors-

  1. The nature and the look of the breast after it has changed suspiciously
  2. Its size
  3. The region of the abnormality in the breast
  4. Whether there are one or more abnormalities in the breast?
  5. Any underlying medical conditions you suffer from
  6. Personal preferences if you have any

In case the area seems to be too suspicious, your doctor will advise you to undergo a needle biopsy. In such a case, you will be guided on what to expect during the procedure and the medical care that you need to follow up at home when it is over. Sometimes the needle procedure is better than the surgical one for determining breast cancer.

Ask the doctor questions to alleviate stress and be comfortable with the procedure

It is obvious that when a doctor asks you to go in for a biopsy procedure, it can be quite scary. However, there is no need to worry as the procedure is safe and should be taken in order to determine whether you have cancer in the suspected area or not. Once the biopsy is over, you will at least get the peace of mind you deserve. In case, cancer is detected, you can start the treatment process as soon as possible.

In such a case, doctors advise you to make a list of the probable questions that may come to your mind when you have been prescribed a biopsy at a good breast biopsy center of Los Angeles. Make sure that you write them down so that your doctor can discuss them one by one to alleviate any kind of stress you might have for the procedure.


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