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Sexual pleasures are amongst the primal human instincts. The need to mate and be intimate with other peoples is innate in everyone. However, certain physical deficiencies can interfere with the abilities to enjoy sex. These deficiencies are found in women and men, both.

The condition that plagues men is impotent or ED. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to have an erection altogether or have a firm enough erection that lasts long enough for an intercourse. Essentially, penis has to receive sufficient blood for the sponge cells to get inflated to form the erection. Anything that interferes with the flow causes issues.

The inability to perform sex can be natural or due to an accident etc. The causes can be physical or mental diseases, and hence it is very complicated. Unlike women, men have greater anatomical changes that accompany sex, and hence problems from them are greater and complex.

The reasons for ED can be as inevitable as age or can be a signal of some serious underlying condition like kidney disease or Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Therefore, when accosted with such problem, rather than dwelling in shame, contact the best sexologist in Lahore as treatment is in order.

What can be done?

There are different things to address when it comes to dealing with Erectile dysfunction.

Medication, surgery or implants?

Patients will be advised a treatment option based on their condition. The first mode of action is always the oral medication, as it is least invasive. All it entails is taking the drug prior to having an intercourse. These drugs work by increasing the blood flow to the penis. These pills include tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil and of course, sildenafil –commonly known as Viagra. Another way to administer drugs is by using injections instead of the pills.

However, the medication is off limits to people having certain conditions like hypertension. Also, not every medication suits the patients, and they have to work through trial and error to find the perfect fit. Some people also might have uncertain side-effects, and thus need to report any ill-effects right away to the doctor.

Surgery is for the people who suffer from ED due to injury to the vessels of the penis. The surgery involves taking a graft of the vessel from a part of the body and placing it in the penis so that there is route for the blood to flow into the penis and make it erect. However, this option works only when the condition is due to damaged vessels.

The third option is implants which is a more of a long-term commitment and are more convenient. Unlike the pills, they do not have any such side-effects. Also, unlike the pills, one can have spontaneous sex, rather than preempting it and having to take the medicine long before the intercourse.\

Regardless, all of these come with their own sets of conditions and one might even still suffer from impotence.


Stress and anxiety are seldom talked about with regards to their impact on the sexual health. Mental diseases are just as big contributors towards ED as physical ailments. Some people are turned-off due to the high stress levels. Others have performance anxiety. They get nervous and conscious about the act and are unable to perform, hence.

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People undergoing sexual issues stemming from stress and depression should consult a therapist as it can make a huge difference in their lives. Furthermore, sex helps to relieve stress and so is also effective in combating this issue.

Furthermore, many people have relationship problems due to ED. When they are unable to sexually satisfy their partner, the pressure mounts on the relationship, which may break as a result. Moreover, ED might also be a big deterrent in allowing them to have a relationship or be intimate with someone to begin with. This also then leads to more mental problems. Hence, it also very important to cater to the negative impacts of ED on the mental health as well.

ED might be permanent or temporary, depending on your condition and what the best sexologist in Karachi has to say about it. However, no matter what, you can battle through it. Chin up!


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