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Discover How To Delay Your Period Today


Period is an every-month struggle of many women that usually starts at the age of or much earlier. Then, it usually ends at the age of 55 or much earlier or later. A period is a common term for menstruation. Its cycle is controlled by hormones, which are progesterone and estrogen. It prepares a woman for pregnancy, which means that if a woman missed her period, she is most likely pregnant.

Many women can surely attest how painful and uncomfortable it is to have a monthly period. But no matter how uncomfortable it is, having a period only shows that there is a high chance of pregnancy. It is because the eggs in the ovaries mature during the menstrual cycle. It simply means that having a monthly period is a healthy indication. Knowing this, surely every woman would realize how important it is to have a regular period. But there are times that they want to delay it because of important circumstances.

How to delay a period?

Today, many women are already practicing delaying their period for various personal reasons. One of these is their attendance at special events. Of course, they don’t want to feel uncomfortable when getting to certain occasions. It is the main reason why they are engaging with the modern way of delaying their period.

For those who are interested in it, they can simply search it on the Internet. But they will later on become confused about the various information they will find online. There will be claimed information about the best way, but every woman should be careful about what they will follow. To experience the most trusted way today, they can search for norethisterone. Surely, there will also be numerous information about norethisterone but do not worry because the real information about it is now here.

Nowadays, many women are taking norethisterone tablets that are already available in the market. It’s a safe way to delay the period in just a short term. As per the experts, a woman should take it at least three (3) days before her period is due. She should continue taking it for up to 20 days. If a woman decides to stop taking it already, then her period will likely return within three (3) days. It is a modern solution for those women who had some events in their lives wherein they needed to somehow delay their period in a short time. They simply need it for certain circumstances, wherein they want to feel comfortable.

The said tablets to delay periods are proven safe. So, every woman should not be afraid of taking it. It’s not harmful to anyone, but to ensure more information about it, it is also advisable for every woman who would want to try it to consult their doctor first. The said norethisterone is a synthetic version of the progesterone, wherein it keeps it high and prevents it from having a period. For more information about it, simply search it on the Internet or consult a doctor. Through this, anyone who is interested will become more at ease when they will take it.


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