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How Breast Reduction Can Change Your Self-Image


Breasts play a big role in women’s life when it comes to the feeling of being beautiful and attractive. As for men, the well-shaped and tight chest will make them feel more masculine. But some people have larger breasts than they desire, and that can affect the perspective of their body, where they have a negative mindset.

Breast reduction procedure

The goal of the breast reduction procedure is getting your breast in better balance with your body, by resizing them to around three sizes down. Because larger breasts can be quite heavy, they can cause serious pain in the woman’s neck, back, shoulders and sometimes headaches from all the tension. Breast reduction surgery will remove some of the breast tissue making them lighter for your body.

Get rid of the chronic pain by resizing your beasts

During the surgery, the doctor will make an incision around your areolas, the colored part around your nipples, and on the lower part of your breasts, from where the breast tissue will be removed. Before the procedure, do your research and find a reputable clinic that will provide you with the best service. As for Australia, you can undergo a breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic as they have a great reputation.

There are a few possible risks that can come with a breast reduction procedure. That can be a reaction to anesthetic, infection, bleeding, scarring, numbness of the nipple area, the difference in size or shape of the right and left breast. To prevent these side effects, it is important that the doctor do the evaluation before the procedure, to take your medical history, and to professionally perform the surgery.

Male breast reduction

Not only women are seeking intervention when it comes to larger breasts. This condition can also appear in men, where their breasts are filled with some amount of the fat tissue, making them bigger than they should be. This appearance is known as gynaecomastia, and it is quite common.

Surgery is the best option for enlarged male breasts

Gynaecomastia procedure is done under the general anesthesia, where the surgeon will usually make a cut around the nipples and in some cases on the chest. The excess fat tissue will be removed with the surgical knife, and if it’s necessary, liposuction will be used. Sometimes, if a lot of fat tissue needs to be removed, the surgeon will make a reposition of your nipples.

Finding a good surgeon is crucial when it comes to procedures like this, and the male breast removal Surgery  according to Breast & Body Clinic is one of the options where you can get the results that you desire. The doctor will lead you through your recovery, which will last several weeks, and he will explain how you should take care of your body during this period.

Final word

Some procedures are more radical, but after them, you don’t have to think about your issue anymore. The results will be there to stay.


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