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How Dermal Fillers And Kybella Injections Work And What Are The Risks


Shaping your face the way you always wanted has never been so easy than now. Modern cosmetics procedures are designed to improve the appearance of your face by making it smoother, tighter, eliminating or adding fat tissue, and enhancing volume where it’s necessary. All these procedures will make your face look younger and give you a new confidence.

How dermal fillers work?

Dermal fillers can be made from the natural or synthetic material, that is injected into your skin. The target zones are the areas where you want to achieve the plump up effect, or you would like to diminish fold wrinkles and depressions. There are different types of fillers, that will be used depending on the effect that you want to achieve, and the treated area.

Dermal fillers can reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Not every filler has the same duration, so you can expect that they will last from six months to two years. This is also the reason why the cost of dermal fillers in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is different. Also, dermal fillers can be semi-permanent and permanent, which can last even up to 5 years.


Every procedure has some risks, that include dermal fillers. The biggest issue with dermal fillers is longevity, migration and lumping. This is regulated by the doctor, who should know which type of the filler to use, where exactly to inject it and determine the right amount of filler. Some other temporary side effects can be redness, irritation, numbness, swelling.

What are the Kybella injections?

This treatment has made double chin removing much easier. Before, people will undergo a liposuction procedure that is complicated and needed a longer time to recover. With Kybella injections, after treatment, people can get back to their everyday activities while the injected substance is doing its job.

This substance is a specific acid that will resolve your fat tissue under your chin, and the final results will be visible after three months. The procedure is usually done two times, with a pause of one month, but for some people, one session can be enough. This is why many people are interested in effective double chin removal Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne as the results are great.

Kybella injections will remove your double chin


It is important that the specialist is in charge of a double chin procedure because there can be some serious side effects if it’s not done right. That can be nerve injury, mouth or throat pain, nausea, difficulty swallowing, high blood pressure. There are also less serious side effects such as swelling, bruising, pain, itching, redness, warmth or tingling.

Final word

Maybe it seems that injected treatments can’t go wrong that easy as the surgical procedures can. But, regardless of their minimal intervention, those are the substances that have specific properties and a professional should be in contact with them. Later it may be very hard to correct mistakes that are caused by an unqualified person.


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