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Reasons to Buy Your Recreational Marijuana from a Licensed Dispensary


With the continuing legalization of marijuana in various states, black market weed is going away soon. As long as recreational marijuana is legal in your state and you are 21years of age, you can walk into a licensed marijuana dispensary to get the marijuana products you need. Getting your weed from the black markets or local dealer is not only illegal, but it can leave you with hefty fines and a criminal record on your name.

Buying marijuana from a licensed dispensary is advantageous for various reasons.

It guarantees you quality products.

The number one reason to get your marijuana products from a licensed recreational marijuana dispensary in Cherry Creekis that they guarantee quality marijuana products. Licensed dispensaries are usually held to specific safety standards by the state cannabis regulation authorities, one of which is ensuring the products are tested for harmful chemicals. Some unscrupulous growers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides when cultivating marijuana which ends up compromising the final products. But the marijuana sold in licensed dispensaries is safe for human consumption, unlike black market weed, which doesn’t have any safety guarantees.

A wide range of selection

Buying marijuana from a licensed dispensary such as the green dragon dispensary exposes you to a wide range of Marijuana products to diversify your experience. You can choose between the flowers, edibles, cannabis oils, topicals, capsules, etc., that come in diversified strains. That way, it becomes easier to find a convenient, healthy, and versatile method of consuming marijuana other than the popular way of smoking which could harm your lungs. You also get to identify quality strains and their THC, CBD, terpene content before purchase. That makes it easier to find a product that works for you.

You can access expert advice.

Licensed cannabis dispensaries have knowledgeable and experienced budtenders to serve you whenever you go shopping. They offer any guidance and advice you need about Marijuana use and help you find the most desired strain that gives you the best effect. They have no reason to misguide you because they are at risk of bad reviews or license cancellation.

It reduces environmental health risks.

The marijuana sold in dispensaries must be grown under specific conditions to ensure the safety of the environment. Legal marijuana growers operate under strict regulations that help to ensure the environment is safe. By buying weed from the black markets, you are potentially supporting illicit growers and harmful cultivation practices.

It keeps money in the state’s economy.

Marijuana products from dispensaries have taxes involved, and the dispensaries also have to pay some local taxes to keep running. So, buying your marijuana products from a local cherry creek dispensary keeps the money in the state’s economy. Considering the fact that weed doesn’t come cheap, you can imagine how much the cannabis industry would contribute to the local economy. That means local businesses get to grow, and the local economy thrives. That is unlike black market weed, most of which benefits drug lords in other states and countries.


Seeking a licensed dispensary to buy weed allows you to get quality products that are tested for safety.


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