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Hair fibers are the most common thing to young women over here. Most of the women who have thin hairs highly choose these hair fibers only. It is also known as hair building fibers. It is mostly considered due to its natural keratin fiber content. As we all know that keratin shampoos are widely used due to their protein nature which makes your hair strong, thicker, and silky too.  If you want your thin hair to look much natural and healthy alike then this kind of natural hair loss treatment like hair fiber helps you a lot.

The key reason for using hair fibers is it is also known to be the best hair concealer. You don’t worry about pain and all as it is naturally applied to your dry hair to make your hair look thicker. This is why most women strongly campaign hair fibers as one of the best natural hair loss treatment.

Let’s know about some crucial points about hair fibers now:

It’s better to know while any hair treatment, enquire clearly whether your hair fibers might affect or not.  As you all know that probably it takes 6 months to see the result of your hair treatment. This is why applying any serum or dye or any hair fiber to your hair, you have to be aware of applying hair fiber is good or not.

Some people do apply hair fibers to their hair after their hair loss treatments. Some people don’t face any side effects and move on naturally as before. But some people don’t. So, it’s better to check with your doctor whether to apply hair fibers after the treatment process or not.

Some side effects to know with these hair fibers:

The side effects of these hair fibers are very rare and you can see very less also. Majorly if you buy hair fibers that are formulated with ammonium chloride. It is not recommended to use it as it’s a harmful chemical ingredient that is not advised to apply on your hair according to hair experts. Of course, we know that ammonium usage is not advisable to apply to any part of the body. It might have chances of side effects like shortness of breath or any kind of itching like sensation. This is why don’t buy such chemical-based hair fibers at all.

Similarly, hair fibers that come with cotton made-up material, then it might cause skin allergy issues and this is why it is better to check on your skin before applying to your hair.


This is how hair fibers work when you applied and maintained properly. Hope the above discussion might help you to look forward to the ins and outs of using and choosing hair fibers exclusively. The major usage of these hair fibers is it never interacts with the hair follicles at all which don’t result in hair loss at all. Remember that using hair fibers do need proper maintenance too.


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