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Congratulations! You are pregnant and your baby is expected to arrive soon. This is a decisive an exciting phase of your life and the first step begins by choosing a gynaecologist in Gurgaon. Each woman and their pregnancy are different. It means we have different yardsticks for choosing a doctor. The bottom line is that a gynaecologist that you choose is someone with whom you need to comfortable. They would take you through the thrilling nine months of journey and help you deliver a bundle of joy.

Tips to choose a gynaecologist

Consider gender

This appears to be an important point of consideration from a starting stage. You might have to filter out male candidates pretty early on route if you are not comfortable. Doctors are professional and gender of a doctor should not have much say. But this is a myth and convincing takes a degree of effort. In case if you are not comfortable with a man examining your private parts, then better avoid it.


You cannot visit each and every doctor in town. Now what is the next best thing? You can ask your near and dear ones for recommendation. Remember you are not going to disclose your personality levels, so what works for them might not work for you. But this is going to help you trim down the list. If you have not done so it might enable you to formulate a list. Go online and review their feed backs as everything might not be a rosy scenario.


Ideally you would want to choose a gynaecologist who happens to be an obstetrician as you might need them during delivery. Considering status of your pregnancy you would also want to choose a gynaecologist who is specialized in high risk pregnancies. This is a problem that needs to be addressed if you have a history of miscarriages or any underlying issues in the past. In case if you have had a history of blood pressure, you might be looking for a doctor who is specialized to deal with such conditions.


How you are planning to avail an appointment with a doctor? What is the waiting period? Busier a doctor appears to be more time you need to wait. If you are careful with planning you could block doctors check-up dates well in advance? Have said that you might have to clarify a few things

  • Is the doctor contactable by phone or via SMS in the event of emergencies
  • Are they in a position to deal with emergency calls

Time spent

An important pointer if you are going to be first time parents. Ideally you do not want to choose a gynaecologist who is rushing through their appointments. A relaxed mind set is needed irrespective of the fact numerous patients might be waiting. Someone patient should be around to answer all your questions.


A good gynaecologist apart from a good talker needs to be well versed in listening. A lot of concerns and questions are bound to be there, so language fluency is a must.


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