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What Are Dental Emergencies? What You Need to Know


You decided to attend that family function where you know all the good food gets served. You fix a big plate of food, dig in, and realize something does not feel right.

You take another bite and then it hits you hard. There is excruciating pain in your mouth and you may not be sure which tooth it is but one is angry and you think you better get this checked right away. So, what are dental emergencies?

What Are Dental Emergencies?

There are emergencies in dental care much like any other medical area. A dental emergency will need immediate medical care. There may be a high risk of getting an infection if left untreated.

Some cases of emergencies may be knocked out teeth, lost fillings, broken appliances, and tooth pain that comes out of nowhere and will not go away. Nerve damage is something to be aware of as well as gum swelling.

A fever is a sign that you need to see your dentist right away. This can be a sign of infection. You could have an abscessed tooth and this will need possible antibiotics and drainage.

Bleeding may be a sign of gingivitis but usually is not an emergency. You will need treatment soon so make an appointment to see a dentist.

What You Should Do

If you experience dental emergencies and need urgent dental care, you have options. Don’t wait to make an appointment because the pain could get worse as time goes on.

Emergencies need to get be taken care of as soon as possible. You want quality treatment so that your pain gets relieved. A good dental office will know how to get you in to see the dentist so that you do not have to suffer.

When you contact your dentist, their team will be able to tell you how you can minimize the discomfort until you can get in to be seen. This provides a lot of reassurance knowing you can lessen the pain while you wait.

If your dentist does not have an emergency phone number and you need help right away, you can go to your local emergency room in the meantime. This is not the first choice, but if the pain is too much to handle, it is an option.

Before You See the Dentist

While an infection will not go away on its own, you can take over the counter medications like Tylenol to ease the pain. You might not want to eat or drink, but try to keep drinking and stay hydrated.

If you see an abscess make sure you do not try to pop it. This is not a pimple and needs to get checked by your dentist.

Some people have tooth sensitivity to extreme hot or cold foods. There are over the counter kinds of toothpaste that can help until you see the dentist.

What are dental emergencies? They are dental issues that need immediate care. Follow us for more tips!


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