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What are the natural ways to prevent cavities?


Cavities are minute holes which can happen anytime in teeth. Generally, eating a lot of sweets, chocolates and coffee become the reason for it. The unwashed mouth for a long time also gives birth to the germs into your mouth and is seen in the form of a cavity. It decays the tooth and spread in more teeth.  A film on teeth is build-up through bacteria and food that can cause plague and it can be a reason for tooth decay in the future. Bacteria named with streptococcus mutants play a role in tooth decay. Plague develops more simply in such places:

  • If there is a crack, pit, and hole in a tooth.
  • If there is a gap between two teeth.
  • If there is any chipped and breakage around the filling.
  • Near to the gum line.

If the decay in the tooth is not treated at the time it reaches the innermost layer which is known as dentin. At this stage of decay, a cavity begins to grow. Bad teeth affect our personality in many ways. Teeth give a lovely shape to our face as well as impressing others by wearing a beautiful smile. Those people who have not beautiful teeth in front, they have an option of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are also known as porcelain laminates that cover the tooth at the front. It is a thin and coloured tooth cover and added a more beautiful appearance to your smile. Many famous carillas de porcelana barcelona clinics provide the best services.

Do you know? You can prevent your teeth in pre-cavity stage by yourself without going to the dentist.  If you use some home remedies it can save the enamel despite the hole but has not yet gone to the dentist. Once the cavity starts in a tooth, you should need a professional to treat. Here we will discuss some home remedies that can help to get rid of cavities:

1. Use of sesame or coconut oil on teeth saves from a cavity. It is used from an ancient time under Ayurveda treatment. One should take a teaspoon of oil and gently massage for a few minutes and then spit it from the mouth. Some studies do not support this remedy because they said that it has no scientific proof. While few researchers agree with this remedy and they claim to reduce the plague with sesame oil massage.

2. Aloe Vera: As we all know aloe Vera has used many health problems. It also helps in protecting the teeth from the plague.

3. Vitamin D: Use of vitamin D supplements in our daily meal boost the health of teeth.

4. Avoid eating sweets, chocolates, tea, and coffee, etc. from your meal. They can be the main reason for cavities in your teeth.

5. Eating liquorice root treats the cavities which are recommended by many dentists.

6. After taking a meal if you chew sugar-free gum it reduces those bacteria from your mouth that can damage enamel.


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