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What do you mean by affordable ACL reconstruction surgery?


In order to diagnose the cause of ACL the doctor may opt for a physical examination. Their prime objective would be to figure out where the pain did occur for the first time. Some questions regarding the previous history of knee injuries in the form of ligaments are also important. If you ace any issues of previous knee stability for sure important source of information can be obtained.

With the aid of special ligament tests the doctor is in a position to certify the extent of the damage. The most important test works out to be the Lachmans test. Then you have the anterior drawer test as well.

Once the extend of the injury is certified the surgeon may ask you to follow the RICE module

  • Rest- You are advised complete rest from any weight bearing activities which would allow the swelling to reduce
  • Ice pack-if you place a cold pack on the swelling it goes a long way in reducing pain and inflammation at the same time
  • Compression- it is suggested that you do use an ice pack around the compression as the swelling will reduce
  • Elevation- it is recommended that you lie down at a level above the chest. This would go a long way in control pain as well.

After the surgery the doctor may ask you to opt for gradual weight bearing exercises. Braces might be used so as to aid to the process of healing in a quick manner.

When it is a sports brace it is available on the shelf or custom fit at the same time. This would go a long way in treating conditions of the knee where there would no need for any form of surgery. It is also seen that someone who may have had surgery might even use it so as to protect the knee. As far as the functional braces are concerned an individual can wear it to work or for any operational task as well. But it does work wonders for an individual who does go on to find their knee unstable and at the same time a lot of stress is being put on the knee as well.

Now the best hospital for ACL in India is plenty. The country is conferred the tag of being the next medical destination in the world. In fact if you come across the surgeons in this part of the world they are some of the best in the business. Once again the needs of the surgery tend to be individualized and that depends upon the need of the patient. You could say the age, the activity the person is not and the overall stability of the knee have a huge say.

Do keep in mind that this surgery might work out to be an emergency for some people. In other cases there does not  need any form of surgery as well. Before you opt for the surgery you need to consider the post recovery period as well.


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