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The primary function of Personal Protective Equipment is to protect different parts of the body, to prevent a worker from having direct contact with risk factors that can cause injury or illness. Therefore, PPE is the last alternative to protect people from the risks present in the different tasks and work areas. For this reason, their usefulness should be known.

Although the public, in general, relates the ppe kit to working life, the reality is that we have all, at some time, using one, for example, wearing gloves when lifting a hot container. There are different types of PPE for different kinds of risks; however, in general, they serve to protect the head, ears, face, eyes, respiratory, upper limbs, and lower limbs. There are different types of PPE, depending on the part of the body they protect.

Protection is required when working with

  • Liquid chemicals.
  • Dust or particles.
  • Risks of blows or cuts.

With each activity to be performed corresponds a correct training according to the protection elements to be used, there is an infinity of PPE but not always the corresponding ones are used, this may be due to lack of information or responsibility of the employee that through improper attitudes fails to comply with the rules of the corresponding procedures, another factor is the unsafe conditions that depends solely and exclusively on the work environment. Therefore, for the use of the related elements, to avoid dangerous acts and hazardous conditions, a professional in Safety and Hygiene is in charge of the corresponding training, previous identification of the danger and control of the risks, to preserve the physical and mental health of the worker in the work environment.

Helmets, industrial boots, safety belts, gloves, face shields, and glasses are the most commonly used equipment in most companies, regardless of their line of business. Unfortunately, when the rules are not followed, several accidents occur that can cause loss of life and even the company’s closure.

PPE is the last alternative to protect people from the risks present in the different tasks and work areas. For this reason, it is essential to know their usefulness, which can be summarized as follows:

  • They are designed to protect you from some danger to your health or physical integrity.
  • They attend to some part of the body or are suitable for some risk.
  • They are applied when the essential solutions are not adequate.
  • They require training and follow-up.

The ppe kit does not prevent the accident or contact with aggressive elements but helps make the injury less severe. The advantages of using a ppe kit:

  • Provide a barrier between a given risk and the person, improve the safeguarding of the worker’s physical integrity and reduce the severity of the consequences of a possible accident suffered by the worker.


  • The commitment of the people who manage the work, both at the executive level and those with operational responsibilities, and awareness of the need for use by employees in general.
  • Analysis of the risks of the tasks performed for the correct adoption of the type of PPE required.
  • Thinking about risk control and prevention.
  • Staff training and education

Employees should be trained in the use and implementation of safety equipment to perform their duties better and take care of their safety.


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