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Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Safe, Painless and Affordable


Poor oral health maintenance is the primary reason for the burden of disease in Australia. Dental caries is the most prevalent chronic disease worldwide. Based on the study conducted by Australian Dental Association, approximately 90% of Australian adults have experienced dental caries at some point in their lives. Approximately one-quarter of children and adults in Australia live with untreated decay in their permanent teeth.  When a tooth is decayed due to untreated impacted wisdom teeth, it often results in pain, discomfort, increased sensitivity, and an increased likelihood of requiring treatment such as tooth extraction. Treating the dental problems caused by wisdom tooth at the earliest is essential for the best possible outcomes.

Before modern dentistry, wisdom teeth were considered essential. Poor oral health led to extensive tooth loss, so when these third molars emerge in the back of the mouth, there was plenty of room to welcome them. But it is not the case nowadays, dental technology is now more advanced than ever, and people can repair and retain more teeth. The wisdom teeth, however, are now problematic. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary to prevent problems, especially if they are impacted.

According to Australian Dental Association, Australians avoid dental problems because of the price of the procedure and the dental anxiety. But gaining knowledge on the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney helps you plan the treatment and surgery within the budget. You must understand that there are different types of dental costs involved in a wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. The final price includes the number of wisdom teeth extracted, anaesthetics cost, medication for healing & pain relief and aftercare check-ups. On considering the total procedure and the kind of tooth removal surgery, the dental cost in Sydney may vary but by a tentative amount that falls within the range of $150 – $1000.

Every patient’s situation is different, which makes the initial consultation with the dentist or oral surgeon an essential one. It allows presenting any possible costs upfront and helping you decipher your insurance benefits. The major factors that affect the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney include,

  • Level of impaction
  • Anaesthesia used
  • Dental imaging
  • Number of teeth extracted
  • Experience of the dentist or oral surgeon

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost In Sydney:

The following are the approximate cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and it may vary from one place to another.

  • Tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom a tooth ranges from $150-$350
  • Simple wisdom teeth removal for straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities ranges from $225-$250.
  • Surgical wisdom teeth removal Sydney ranges from $250-$375.
  • Removing all 4 wisdom teeth will not cost you more than $970.

Does Insurance Cover wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, many dental insurance policies include a benefit for wisdom teeth removal. IV sedation is available with an 85% Medicare rebate. Some dental practices have very good deals in place with Anaesthetists, and in some cases it may cost you $100 out of pocket to have all four wisdom teeth to be removed.


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