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Taking care of your children’s diet is not an easy task. A lot of effort and patience is required for feeding healthy food to the children. Unhealthy food is the major cause of promoting obesity among children. The eating habits of children are influenced by their parents and therefore parents should also eat healthy food. According to one of the research, obesity at a young age can lead to chronic diseases in the future.

What are the worst foods for your child? I have a little boy and I was concerned about his health. Therefore I contacted my father’s friend who is the best child specialist in Karachi. From him, I got the list of foods that are worst for your child.

Top 6 Worst Foods to Feed Your Children

The food that you should avoid giving to your child includes breakfast cereals, fried food, fruit snacks, sugary drinks, candies, whole milk, and fast food. Why are these foods bad for your children? Let’s read the details below to find out why these foods are detrimental to your child’s health.

      Breakfast Cereals

Many parents think cereals are healthy and perfect for breakfast and their children also love eating them. However the reality is different, not all cereals are healthy. Breakfast cereals are high in sugar and low in calories & fibers. That’s why they only promote bad oral and physical health.

Before choosing any cereal check the ingredients and choose the one which is high in protein and fiber.

      2.  Fried Food

The next food that can affect your child’s health is fried food. Food like chips, chicken nug1. gets, or chicken fingers is the favorite snacks of many children. Such items are deep-fried and therefore high in oil. Moreover, they also contain an antifoaming agent that can affect your child’s health badly. Addictiveness to these kinds of food ultimately leads to obesity.

This does not mean you don’t have to give such food to your children. You can make chicken nuggets at home as well that will be more organic than the restaurants.

       3. Fruit Snacks

Fruits snacks are widely consumed by many children and their parents think it’s a healthy choice merely because of the word fruit with the snacks. However, fruit snacks are not healthy as they contain artificial sweeteners and taste. No real foods are used in such snacks. Sugar is addictive and if your child becomes addicted to sugar then it may cause serious problems like diabetes and obesity in the future.

       4. Sugary Drinks

Like cereals and fruit snacks, sugary drinks are also harmful to your children’s health. However sugary drinks have more effect on your baby than the other two. Sugary drinks like processed fruit juice and carbonated drinks contain artificial sweeteners and it is low in calories. Such drinks can give them a temporary energy boost however in the future it can lead to a serious problem.

       5. Hard Candies and Lollipops

Anything which is high in sugar is bad for your children. Whether it’s a sugar drink, cereals, fruit snacks, or candies. Candies are the favorite food of children and my boy also liked it. However, you have to keep an eye on your child. If he is eating too many candies and lollipops then it will affect their teeth and oral health. Sugar can cause cavities and it may lead to early tooth loss.

       6. Whole Milk

Milk is good for your child but not the whole milk. Surprised? When I first heard that I was surprised too. Whole milk containing a high quantity of fats can lead to an overweight problem. Children up to 2 years old can drink whole milk as well. Milk is good for your baby as it makes their bones strong and promotes a healthy body.

Summing Up

Taking care of your little boy or girl is not easy and you have to keep an eye on their diet as well. What they eat at an early stage will have benefits in the future life.

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Children who are addicted to fast food are more likely to develop this bad habit in the future that will ultimately lead to overweight, obesity, diabetes, and heart-related problem. Therefore do not feed your children the above-mentioned unhealthy foods.


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