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How cancer diets control the mutation of Proto-oncogenes?


Cancer patients must include a lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain products that serves enough nutrition to their body. But they should avoid food which is high in fat like red meat. Salt and sugar should be maintained in a balanced level of nutrition. Because it will lead to many side effects. By achieving the nutrition goals in cancer diets, patients may keep up their strength and energy, avoid the risk of infection, fast healing recovery, maintaining body weight, and feeling better. Nutrients must maintain an equal balance of minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, water, and carbohydrates. Low-fat dairy products, fish, milk products, desserts, candy and cold drinks with low sugar, soup, milk, ice cream, liquid extracts, teas, antioxidants supplying food items, and other phytonutrients foods are suitable for a cancer diet.

What is the role of nutrition in cancer treatment?

Nutrition plays an important role in the cancer diet for recovery, preventing, and controlling this disease. Cancer treatments like radiation therapy, hormone therapy, biological immunotherapy, and surgery make patients lose malnutrition and energy. So, they must follow healthy food habits to increase the immune system of the body. This nutrition helps to maintain constant body weight. The food habits of cancer patients are different from the food habits of normal people. A wide variety of high calorie and high protein foods may help you to gain instant body weight. Consult your nutrition specialist when you may not feel like eating and other health problems after the cancer treatment. Cooked eggs, milk, cream, cheese, sauces, gravies, and margarine are the food items with high protein content.

Did you know about Proto-oncogenes?

A type of gene involved in the production of proteins for cell growth, cell division, and other cell processes is called a proto-oncogene. It instructs a cell to support the specific protein growth in a human cell. This gene provides information for the production of proteins in the body cells. The main duties of this type of gene are encouraging cell division, reducing cell deaths, and inhibiting differentiation of cells. Many people question what are Proto-oncogenesand how they are involved in the formation of oncogenes? The Proto-oncogenes are Ras, HER2, Myc, Cyclin D, etc. The mutation of proto-oncogenesis the primary reason for the formation of different types of cancer. This change leads to a major impact on your lifestyle. To preventing the uncontrolled growth of protein cells, doctors are advised to follow the treatments, nutrition diets, and regular exercise.

Is proto-oncogene leads to the formation of Oncogene?

If the malfunctioning of proto-oncogene which makes uncontrolled cell growth and causes cancer. At the time, proto-oncogene can change into oncogene which causes the occurrence of cancer in the human body. This gene error will permanently activate the oncogene. In the study, not all oncogene are formed in this way. This is one of the main causesof cancerous tumors. But, a proto-oncogene is necessary for every human to survive. The over mutation of these genes are named as the gain of function mutation. This encourages cancer by the process of copying genes for mutation. Retrovirus which causes a severe infection at the time of these mutations. Other factors like smoking, alcohol consumption and unwanted radiation are involved in the formation of mutation.


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