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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery


Lonestar Bariatrics offers surgery as one of their treatment solutions for weight loss. Bariatric surgeries include gastric bypass and gastric plication.

Bariatric surgery is a weight loss solution that offers patients substantial and long-term weight loss. You have to keep the weight off for five years for bariatric surgery to be considered successful.

There are many benefits of bariatric surgery other than weight loss including:

Diabetes Remission

Those with type two diabetes who undergo bariatric surgery have shown long term remission, especially in the type that is difficult to control. Diabetes is often viewed as a condition you can only manage, so remission of the condition is a great step towards alleviating the disease.

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The remission is especially pronounced in obese patients who have type 2 diabetes. They are diabetes patients with the most aggressive form of the disease.

The results are astounding as many of the patients were able to stay free of insulin and diabetes medication for up to two years after the surgery.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Additional weight puts a lot of stress on your cardiovascular system. With your cardiovascular system under so much stress, you are at a higher risk of contracting any form of a heart condition.

Bariatric surgery helps with the loss of significant weight, hence your cardiovascular system will be under less stress which means that you are at a lower risk of getting coronary heart disease.

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to the level they were at before the surgery after bariatric surgery. Your overall health will be improved due to the improved state of your cardiovascular system.

Improved Mental Health

Overweight and obese people have a very low level of self-esteem. They are at a much greater risk of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety than the majority of the population.

You will often find them isolated and without social connections, and it usually results in social anxiety. Other people can worsen the situation by bullying or stigmatizing overweight people which further exacerbates the mental health issues.

Bariatric surgery helps obese and overweight individuals lose the extra weight which improves their confidence, hence lowering the risk of them getting depressed.

Joint Pain Relief

Being overweight or obese has a debilitating effect on your joints. The reason is that they have to carry the added load that the muscles and other tissues are unable to bear.

The extra load usually leads to painful joints and when it gets serious, arthritis. Chronic pain is also symptomatic of obesity.

Bariatric surgery ensures that you lose significant weight and sustain the weight loss, hence your joints carry much less stress. Substantial pain relief is the subsequent effect.

Increased Lifespan

Overweight and obese individuals are at a greater risk of death compared to normal people at a healthy weight. The health risks are only part of the situation as they cannot react in emergencies as well either.

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Bariatric surgery improves the lifespan of such people by reducing their weight which significantly reduces the health risk factors that may lead to an early grave. It also means that the patients are healthier and more mobile, hence they can better deal with life-threatening situations than previously.


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