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Can You Trust Your Dentist in an Emergency During Covid-19?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been forced to adapt to new ways of life. And truth be told, it has not been easy to adapt to all these measures. Some of the essential services have been hard to find as stringent measures have been put in place. For instance, medical practitioners, including dentists, have been urged to minimize the number of cases they deal with, especially if they are not emergencies. If you find yourself needing immediate dental care, what to do? Can you really trust your dentist during these hard times, given that the coronavirus is a big threat? Read on to find out more.

Measures taken by dental facilities

Emergencies do happen from time to time; as such, you cannot neglect to get treatment as fast as possible. In as much as COVID 19 has made things a bit tough, you can still get the necessary help when faced by a dental emergency. Read more: 7 Tips How To Find The Best Dentist For Your Whole Family Examples of dental emergencies include broken teeth, fractured jaw, severe toothache, and tooth infections, to mention a few. With that said, below are some of the measures taken by the dental facilities to avoid the spread of COVID 19;

1.Attending to patients on an appointment basis

The first thing you want to do when dealing with a dental emergency is to call your dentist immediately. Let them know more about your condition, as this might help them instruct you on things you can do before reaching the hospital to ease the pain. Let your doctor know that you are coming in at a specific time so that they can book an appointment for you.

2.Stricter check-inn process

You might have been used to simply walking in the dentist’s office without anyone asking you questions, but things have now changed. Currently, you have to show that you have an appointment booked before you are allowed to see the dentist. Also, your temperature has to be checked during the process. In case it indicates that you have a high fever, you are not allowed into the facility until it is proven that you do not have COVID 19.

3.Incorporating stricter hygienic practices

Another thing that dentists have done is incorporating stricter hygienic practices for all emergency dental procedures. From the moment you walk into the facility, you are asked to keep distance and sanitize at all times. Also, the dentists are well equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE’s) to ensure that hygiene is up to standard.

4.Rityestricting the number of people in the facil

It is typical to want to have a close family member accompany you while going to see a dentist, but this is highly discouraged during these times. Currently, dentist facilities are urging people to go by themselves during the appointments. Read more: Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Safe, Painless and Affordable However, if you are taking a child for an appointment, only one parent or guardian is expected to accompany them.

Take Away

If you have been wondering if you can trust your dentist in an emergency during these tough times, the answer is yes, you can. With the above-mentioned measures in place, you can be sure that you will be in safe hands.  


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