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Guidelines on How to Maintain a Childs Dental Health and Care


A lovely smile attracts and captures many hearts. Thus if you have a newborn baby, you will be required to introduce good habits of maintaining proper dental health. Not necessarily when their first tooth has appeared, but these habits should start way before that. Listed below are some of the simple guidelines you should follow to ensure your child has excellent dental health and which will protect them from developing teeth related diseases, according to the Melbourne dentist.

Let them brush their teeth at list twice a day

Parents should make their children brush their teeth two times a day or after meals as it is imperative in maintaining their proper dental hygiene. Please don’t allow them to bed before brushing their teeth. It should be their day to day routine.

Make them use toothpaste with fluoride in it

If your child is school going age introduce to them fluoride toothpaste as recommended by dentists. But make sure they only use it in small amounts that are good enough to avoid consumption of the same.

Always monitor them while brushing.

Children may develop a habit of swallowing some amounts of the toothpaste they are using as it is sweet if left alone while brushing. Consumption of the toothpaste may harm and damage their teeth. Due to the fluoride, their teeth may get stained or discolored, which will affect their smile or lower their esteem. Hence it would help if you always kept a close eye on them to avoid that.

In the case of cavities, visit a dentist

Children may develop teeth related problems like cavities or stained teeth. In most cases, if the children are still in the milk teeth class, parents may ignore it, assuming that the teeth will eventually shed off and so they don’t take action. It would help if you did not hesitate to seek medical help from a dentist for fillings.

Make sure they only eat nutritional food

Children may tend to love sugary foodstuffs that are very harmful to their teeth. If a child asks for a snack, take the responsibility to only provide for the healthy ones that are sugar-free or have less sugar in them. Children should only be allowed to bring nutritious food all the time to avoid having teeth issues as recommended by Melbourne dentist.

Educate your child on good dental habi

Children learn first. Hence, parents should introduce and teach them how to maintain good dental hygiene by using fun activities, songs, or even charts to make their learning easier and enjoyable. You may also introduce them to programs related to the same. Maintaining your kid’s dental is one of the important things you shouldn’t ignore.


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