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Straight Tube Bongs vs Beaker Bongs: Which One Is Better?


Animal horn and golden bongs? Bong manufacturing has come a long way from the first bamboo bongs in ancient China.

Evidence suggests we have used bongs for close to 2500 years. But, the modern glass bongs you use today didn’t gain popularity until the 1960s. Now, there are overwhelming options for marijuana use.

If you’re a classic bong smoker, you have two choices: beaker or straight tube. How do you know which to choose? Read on to learn the pros and cons of beaker bongs versus straight tube bongs.

Terminology: Beaker Bong vs Straight Tube Bongs

Before we dive into the pros and cons of the different bong types, you should know the main difference between the two.

A beaker bong has a shape like your classic science lab beakers. The base is large and rounded.

Straight bongs are straight and narrow. These are the most classic bong style.

Beaker Bong Pros

A larger base means more stability. With a wider base than straight tubes, beaker bongs are harder to knock over.

Bigger size also leads to a few other benefits. You can fill the base up with more water and take bigger hits. This also means you can buy a smaller bong for a larger effect.

Buy a beaker bong if you love big hits, lots of bubbles, and less splashback from water. Looking to add ashtrays or want more variety when buying? Opt for beaker bongs.

Beaker Bong Cons

If you’re a smoking novice or prefer quick, efficient pulls, beaker bongs may not be for you. Due to the ‘tunneling’ nature of beaker bongs, you need a strong inhale to clear it.

Smaller beaker bongs or hybrids can solve this problem if you still desire the beaker shape.

Straight Tube Bong Pros

Straight tube bongs provide a classic smoking experience. They’re easy to clear and often come with several percolators. Denser concentrations of smoke in the small tube can result in a bolder smoke flavor.

A straight tube allows for more water and more percolators. This gives you a classic purring sound rather than loud gurgles like those from beaker bongs. You also have more options for filtration with straight tube bongs.

Straight Tube Bong Cons

The two biggest downsides of straight tube bongs are the lack of stability and frequency of water replacement.

The smaller size makes these bongs easier to tip and break. For the same reason, there is less volume so you will have to replace the water more often. Add too much water and you’ll get a lot of splashback unless you add showerheads to block this.

The Bottom Line: Beaker Bongs vs Straight Tube Bongs

Who wins the battle of the bongs?

You guessed it: There’s no clear answer. It all comes down to preference.

If you’re new to smoking or want quick hits and more customization, go for straight tube bongs. Love those big hits and large bubbles? Beaker bongs are for you.

Pick the bong that suits your needs. If you enjoyed this guide, check out the rest of our blog for more tips!



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