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How Cataract Surgery Can Improve The Quality of Life of Elderlies


Not only to treat cataract and preventing blindness,Cataract Surgery can be beneficial and improve the quality of life of the elderlies. There are many positive changes that come after a successful cataract surgery. With these positive changes, surely the elderlies will be happier. Some of these benefits are less stress, more comfort, more agility, and more confidence

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Less stress

Perhaps the only activity during the day that requires us to close our eyes is our sleep. But other than sleep, we do almost all of our daily activities with our eyes. Can you imagine going through your daily activities with a blurry and unclear vision? Especially in the lives of the elderlies, this can create a lot of stress for them. A cataract surgery aims to help restore their vision so that they can see as optimally as possible, despite of their age. This is how a cataract surgery can improve the elderlies’ quality of life, and that is by reducing stress.

We all agree that having to deal with a lot of stress in our lives is not good. For the elderlies, this is especially bad for their health. At their age, their bodies are prone to experience various declines in health. With cataract surgery, their blurred vision will not cause them stress anymore, and thus help them achieve a better quality of life as a whole.

More comfort

It’s uncomfortable to have poor vision. Imagine an elderly who has to go about their day, but everywhere and everything they look at are blurry. This is such an inconvenience. It will take more time for them to get things done and move from one place to another because they cannot see clearly. It will be more difficult for them to enjoy the beauty of nature and moments with their loved ones due to their poor vision, while these things are so meaningful for the elderlies.

For seniors, comfort is essential. At their age, they might have to deal with discomfort in their joints and muscles, and possibly other areas as well. This alone would already be a challenge for them. Poor vision will amplify the discomfort. A simple cataract surgery can help solve these issues and help them get better vision, that leads to comfort and ease.

More agility

Poor vision can cause a lot of trouble. It’s hard to read, it’s hard to walk on steps that are uneven or with stairs, it’s hard to watch TV— it’s such a hassle to even just do regular daily activities. For someone young and physically fit, he or she might still be able to function quite normally even if they forgot to bring their glasses. And even if they have to slip or fall a little, the chances of them recovering is still very high. It’s not as dangerous compared to the elderlies.

With a cataract surgery, the elderlies can be more agile in their everyday lives. Their quality of life will surely improve with better vision. It’s safer for them to walk around, do light chores, read a book, and enjoy entertainment that’s available in their homes. They can walk safely on staircases and outdoors. Even though we don’t recommend the elderlies to start running regularly, it will be good for them to be more agile with more activities to do.

More confidence

One of the things that can significantly impact the elderlies is their confidence. As they grow older and their physical fitness declines, they might feel quite discouraged. Now, they aren’t able to do as much as they used to and they need more help from other people. Having a clear vision can help boost their confidence. Because they can be more agile and they have more comfort, they don’t have to be as dependent to other people as they would need to with poor vision. From this we can see that clear vision leads to confidence, and confidence is a significant factor for the elderlies to improve their quality of life.


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