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When To Seek TCM Treatment For Flu


Flu season is about to descend upon us. Soon, you can expect to see friends and family falling sick with influenza, causing much discomfort and annoyance. One way for you to cope with the incoming flu would be to seek traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment beforehand and during the onset of symptoms. These signs of your body failing against the flu include:

  • Slight chilliness
  • Sniffly or a few sneezes
  • Tenderness to wind or drafts
  • Feeling a little sweaty
  • Scratchy throat
  • Achy neck and shoulders

When you or someone in your household is sickish with a cold or flu, all you want to do is kick the illness to the curb as fast as possible. When a disease does take hold, using Chinese Medicine or traditional medicine can help you enhance your body’s defenses to prevent health problems and obtain better more promptly.

TCM’s Outlook of Colds and Flu

From a Chinese medicine point of view, there is more than one way to classify and diagnose various types of Colds and instances of Influenza, based on your signs and symptoms and indications.

As an example, some Colds might present with more heat-related signs and symptoms like fever and inflamed throat; whereas other Colds might present with more cold-related symptoms like chills and a drippy nose.

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There are some instances where symptoms mix together like alternating chills and fever; some situations present with a lot of mucus and phlegm, while others are more hoarse and dry. Some individuals experience serious and big signs whereas others may feel weak and run down. We likewise differentiate by impacted body parts: some are more sinus-related, throat, chest, or digestive.

Chinese medicine for colds and flu such as Huang Qi (Astralagus) and Dang Shen (Codonopsis) are made use of to reinforce Qi and to increase the immune system. Herbs such as Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) and Da Qing Ye (Daqingye) are commonly made use of as anti-virus herbs in China.

Home Remedies for your to try

Other than following the prescription of herbs from your TCM physician, you will need to also made adjustments to your lifestyle. Here are 3 tips to follow in order to have a speedy recovery.

  • Stay hydrated, beverage warm liquids and tea: a seasonal favorite is warm water with a couple of sprigs of thyme, rosemary, and a press of lemon. Thyme and rosemary both have antiviral and antibacterial traits, while lemon has a high content of immune system boosting Vitamin C.
  • Soups and stews: chicken soup actually is a wonderful meal for combating a cold, with electrolytes in the broth, acrid onions to generate a light sweat, and chicken for nourishing Qi. Here is a charming recipe that includes Chinese herbs, too.
  • Sooth your throat: elderberry lozenges can help to calm the throat; here is a recipe for homemade elderberry syrup.


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