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Today, infertility is no longer inevitable. Medically assisted procreation allows many couples to access a much desired maternity hospital. However, the psychological consequences of such news are often underestimated, it is better to be accompanied.

The infertility assessment

The medically assisted procreation (AMP) is one of the greatest revolutions accomplished in the treatment of infertility. However, while treatments have progressed at an astounding rate, infertility is one of the couple’s deepest crises, which sometimes requires psychological support. You can check this site and comes up with the solutions now.

Awareness of infertility

Most couples who have difficulty having children are initially amazed. Indeed, many believe that pregnancy happens naturally after contraception is stopped. When this is not the case, we must then question certain elements: family life, the meaning of life, of marriage.

  • The psychological consequences of discovering infertility are often underestimated. When bringing a child into the world becomes an obsession, when the narcissistic wound is combined with a feeling of guilt and helplessness, one feels different from the others, excluded. Knowing that a natural function in others is complex for oneself is obviously shocking.

The infertility assessment

Thanks to a battery of various examinations which will provide information to your doctor, he will be able to identify the problem and propose a therapeutic orientation. However, there is no need to hide your face, these exams are often very stressful, they can even quickly become overwhelming. However, despite its intrusive nature, this phase is nevertheless essential.

The Right Steps

This step can be accompanied by guilt, resentment, shame. It is quite legitimate. You can also try to see the positive side: who says identification, says adequate treatment. Whether through artificial insemination with sperm sperm (IAC), in vitro fertilization (IVF), or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), the prospect of real solutions is often reassuring. The orientation decision will then be taken between you, your partner, and your doctor.

For 10% of couples, however, no cause can be put forward. It is often an additional source of stress. At that time do not hesitate to consult. Faced with unexplained infertility, it is recommended to look back on yourself, if necessary with the help of another person. Completely unconsciously, it sometimes happens but it is very rare that some women are torn between a declared desire for a child, and a certain refusal of pregnancy. Do not panic, it is then advisable to stop at intervals of 3 to 6 months, examinations and treatments. It happens, much more often than you might think, that at this point some people get pregnant.

Supporting the treatment of infertility

The recommended infertility treatments obviously hold great promise. However, without showing defeatism, but rather a certain realism, they can also involve a number of failures, which are undoubtedly very destabilizing for the couple. You have to be strong to endure repeated failures, to start the same course five or six times.

The testimonies agree: either the ordeal welds a couple, or it disintegrates them. The medical care can drag on, check-ups, tests, re-tests, checks. Life is then punctuated by waiting for results. And all these hardships can hurt the couple.


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