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Reasons to Get Regular Eye Exams


The majority of people don’t get regular eye exams to their own detriment. Atlanta eye exams should be done at least once a year by Atlanta residents.

Regular eye exams are important for the following reasons:

Early Disease Detection

One of the main reasons why you should get regular eye exams is because if there is an issue with your sight it can be found early which increases the chances of a successful treatment. Many eye problems usually seem dormant until your eye is damaged extensively.

A disease that is ravaging eyes all over is myopia (nearsightedness). Children are becoming myopic at younger and younger ages.

It is of significant concern because, the younger a child gets a visual disorder, the higher the chances of more debilitating issues later in life such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment. You can avoid such risks by getting regular eye exams.

Prescription Updates

Getting your prescriptions updated if you suffer from some type of eye disorder is another reason to get regular eye exams. After you are diagnosed with a condition and given medicine or some other treatment, you will have to evaluate the success of the treatment and your regular eye exam is a great time to do so.

Your doctor will then take a less or more serious approach to treatment based on your condition. They may even take you off the treatment completely.

Medicine prescriptions need to be updated more often than other eye care solutions for example spectacles or contact lenses. Slight alterations to your eye can also be done if necessary, during your regular eye exam like shaping them.

Work and School Performance

In the modern world, a lot depends on our success at school and later in life, at work. Your eyes are key to excellence in both arenas.

If your eyesight is causing a deterioration in your school or work performance, you should definitely schedule an eye exam. Rectifying the problem will improve your performance and ensure that you are on track to achieving your goals.

When you are using your eyes to earn a living, proper eyesight is of more importance than many other things. It will also help you do other things better like your hobby or extracurricular activities.

For General Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure and the same goes for your eyes. If you want healthy eyes, it is best to avoid anything happening to them.

Annual eye exams are great times for you and your doctor to evaluate prevention methods to maintain your eyesight. Better diet or visual aids are examples of preventive measures your doctor will recommend.

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The good news is that even one visit per year to your eye doctor is enough to ensure you are well shielded from eye disorders. However, you can increase or decrease that frequency depending on your eyesight.

To Monitor Changes

Medical history is crucial for adequate health. If you have regular eye exams, you can have a track record of the health of your eyes.

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The eyes are unique organs with equally unique changes in features. Some changes may seem subtle but may have severe consequences. Your doctor will know if they are signs of underlying conditions or simply poor eye care.

In this regard, the more frequent the exams, the better.


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