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What to expect from corrective jaw surgery


Anyone will probably be curious about how their life will look after jaw surgery, especially after it has been medically prescribed, and there is no turning back. While most articles outside there will outline obvious expectations in post corrective surgery, it is important to note that not even two individuals will have the same experience before and after jaw surgery.

Corrective jaw surgery isn’t an average procedure that is done daily or on everyone. So it can even be impossible to get an anecdotal account of the experience from your friends or family members. Such corrective procedures can be done to address several functional problems like misaligned jawbone(malocclusion), uneven or excessive wear of teeth, or any underlying jaw problem that can affect the ability to eat or breathe properly. Misaligned jaw bones can also cause chronic pain and headaches, conditions that you may want to address permanently.

It is also important to note that the expectations we are going to highlight in this article may not be what you’ll experience as your situation can only be addressed well with the doctor who did the procedure. That is why it is imperative to choose a reputable oral clinic with seasoned medical practitioners.

What should you expect from corrective jaw surgery? It includes but not limited to, the following:

  • The first week after the procedure

Just like any other type of surgery, expect to experience some pain, which may range from mild to severe, depending on your post-surgical dental care. Your lips and gums may even swell, which can extend to the neck, but you won’t feel much pain after a week.

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You must avoid bruising yourself as the slightest knock on your chin will break the incisions. However, you shouldn’t panic even when the incisions break as it will only bleed for the first 24-48 hours. Your doctor will also completely seal your jaw for like two days using tight wires, meaning that you’ll be on a liquid diet.

  • The first few months after the procedure

One month into the recovery process, you’ll start experiencing the sense of feeling in areas that were rendered numb for the better part of the first few weeks. The pain and swelling will also greatly subside, and you can start taking soft food.

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The incisions will take six weeks to heal (it can take more for some patients) perfectly. During this entire time, your doctor will prescribe the jaw and lips exercises, which will help restore the optimal range of jaw stiffness and motion.

  • After the recovery process is complete

Once the recovery process is complete, all the functional difficulties will be gone, and you’ll be able to lead a quality-life like never before! You’ll even regain your confidence and self-esteem with a more attractive smile than ever!

  • Corrective jaw surgery basics

Lastly, it will also help if you understand the corrective jaw surgery basics. You must first know that the procedure doesn’t manifest its results instantly and how you recover will greatly affect whether it will work or not. The post-surgery treatment process may involve using braces to move your jaws and teeth to a preferred position. After the surgery and recovery process, your doctor will still use braces for another six-month or nine-month treatment plan, to achieve that perfect jaw shape you’ve been longing for.


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