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The benefits of raising the chicken 100% naturally


One of the most important things in poultry industry is to have some strict rules for every farm which breeds chicken and for companies which sell them. This is why in Romania there are a lot of inspection regimes periodically which are analyzing the level of hygiene in the preparation process and the consumption of chicken meat.

Statistics show that the number of people who prefer pork meat is visible higher on various areas of the country than the one which represents the ones who prefer to eat chicken meat, but this thing doesn’t make any chicken farm in Romania to step aside and slow down or stop the production.

Being on the top of the countries where is produced the healthiest poultry meat, in Romania, chicken farms had become more like a culture, a tradition which is lead from generation to generation. The highly recommendable products that leave the country are made with attention and patience during a long period of time when every detail need to be checked and stay in it’s place. The production process is a wide and diverse one because the final objective is to obtain the highest standard in quality of this food.

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For more than a century chicken farms have the freshness a purpose and this is why the process starts from the poultry raised in a responsibly way with the best type of food and accommodation, to create a very special environment for them. The slaughterhouses are carefully chosen to work also in the most responsible and hygienic way and the preparation of the meat is made using only 100% natural products which can also be found on Romania territory and make the taste of it something unique. In creating these products, companies have a modern technology and apparels and this can guarantee the preservation of the proteins in the meat for a longer period of time.

Ending with, chicken farms play the first role in the possibility of people from Romania and from Europe to have the healthiest meat on the table every day .


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