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Dearborn Heights Pharmacy – Qualities Every Good Pharmacist Must Cultivate for Battling Illness in Society


Good pharmacists are indispensable medical professionals for every neighborhood across the world. They help you with interpreting the prescription of your doctor and educate you on the potential side effects and guidelines you must abide by with every medicine. There is a big difference between the average pharmacy and a good one. This difference lies in the range of abilities as well as personality traits that pharmacists possess when it comes to their responsibilities and job performance. In short, a good pharmacist will gain respect from customers as well as the pharmacy owner he works with. This improves job satisfaction and helps the community as a whole as being a front-line medical educator to them as well.

Dearborn Heights Pharmacy – Pharmacists are more than just prescription readers

Dearborn Heights Pharmacy is an esteemed pharmacy in the USA known for its outstanding service delivery and compassionate pharmacists.

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This pharmacy believes that every customer should get accurate information when it comes to medicines, dosage, composition, and potential side effects. However, in order to become a good pharmacist, he must cultivate the following qualities-

  1. Integrity- A good pharmacist believes in integrity. It is needed in all the phases of his job. For instance, if the pharmacy has many customers, the pharmacist should give them an honest estimate about the time they need to wait to get their prescriptions seen. This reduces the frustration levels of customers. They will appreciate the fact that you value their time. Again, pharmacists should look out for the warning signs of fake prescriptions or drug abuse through prescriptions. They should cross-check the medical records of the patient in case they sense something suspicious.
  2. Capacity to prioritize- There are some rare instances when the pharmacist sees a very sick customer in line and needs to be attended upon over others. For example, a frail and weak woman who seems likely to pass out soon needs her prescription to be filled in first over someone in line for a sleeping pill refill. The pharmacist should be a good judge of customers and flexible enough to help those who need should be placed first ahead of others in the line.
  3. Be attentive to details- The pharmacist cannot afford to make any mistake. He cannot fill in a prescription inaccurately. For instance, while filling in a prescription with the name of a drug, he cannot even afford to make a mistake with the decimal point, or else its outcome for the patient will be disastrous. The pharmacist must ensure that distractions are kept at bay while filling in prescriptions. He must check on his work twice as this will help him to perform his duties safely.

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The Dearborn Heights Pharmacy staff state that being a pharmacist is indeed a work of responsibility and integrity. Though skills and qualities cannot be learned overnight, it takes years of skillful effort and practice to become a good pharmacist so that the patient and the community benefit as a whole when it comes to battling illness and disease with success!


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