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Understand the Procedure of Vasectomies for Birth Control


Vasectomy is a surgical operation that men undergo to make them incapable of impregnating their spouse or partner during sexual intercourse. It is a safe and permanent form of male birth control. The procedure involves urologists conducting a minor surgery to seal two tubes present in the patient’s reproductive organs known as vas deferens. Taking this step blocks the passage of the sperm. It is usually done in the outpatient department of a hospital or clinic of the doctor after administrating local anesthesia to the patient.

What are the common reasons for men to take vasectomies?

Men normally take the decision to undergo a vasectomy operation after careful consideration. They even discuss the issue with their local doctors and spouse before making up their minds. The three common reasons why they may want a vasectomy are listed below-

  • They have no desire to have any more children in the future,
  • They are not willing to impregnate their spouse because it may endanger her health, and
  • Many of them may be carriers of serious genetic disorders, which they are likely to pass on to their children.

Risk factors involved with vasectomy

Vasectomies are generally safe and effective, unlike other forms of birth control operations for men. The entire procedure hardly takes more than 30 minutes for the urologist to perform.

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After sedating their patients, they puncture a small hole in their scrotum to pull out and cut off the vas deferens. During this phase, the patients may experience some tugging of the skin. After the operation, the patients will not suffer from any serious complication except for the following five side-effects:

  1. Blood clotting in the region of their scrotum,
  2. Traces of blood in their semen,
  3. Bruising In the area surrounding their scrotum,
  4. Swelling in the region of their genitals, and
  5. Mild discomfort in the area

How to prepare for the operation?

Patients who want to take a vasectomy procedure after consulting their doctors should prepare for it in the following five ways:

  1. Avoid taking all forms of blood-thinning or anti-inflammatory medicines,
  2. They should take a shower on the day of operation and thoroughly wash their genital region,
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting undergarments or even an athletic supporter after the operation to prevent swelling of their scrotum,
  1. Avoid driving a car after the operation by themselves as it puts pressure on their genital region, and
  2. They should apply ice in the region of their scrotum for at least two days after the procedure to ease the swelling and discomfort in the area.

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Vasectomies are a safe and effective way for men to be incapable of impregnating their spouses. They may want to undergo this popular birth-control operation when they do not want to have many more children. They should visit a skilled and qualified urologist for the procedure to discuss any doubts and queries they might have before the vasectomy. In this way, they can alleviate tensions and have the procedure conducted safely without hassles at all!


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